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Mayor David Presents 2018 State of the City Address

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David presented his 2018 State of the City address Thursday night in City Hall Chambers.

David focused his fifth address on the city’s major projects, all surrounding three points: homelessness, housing, and infrastructure.

"Binghamton is different now than it was 4 years ago."

On the topic of homelessness, David announced a partnership with the Family Enrichment Network bringing a $4.5 million 19-unit housing development to vacant lots owned by the city on the North Side.

David added that the city is shooting for the goal of 50 housing units for the homeless in the city in the next four years.

When it came to housing, David discussed plans for the housing unit at 7 Hawley Street expected to open next year, the project at the former Big Lots Plaza, and projects at 6 Emma Street and 50 Front Street.

In regards to infrastructure, David highlighted the 434 Greenway Project, which is finishing phase one this spring, the Front Street project beginning next month, and the State Street project this summer.

“Bottom line message that I delivered is the state of the city is strong and continues to get stronger every year. As you saw tonight, I outlined a variety of new initiatives and proposals for 2018 and beyond.” - Mayor Rich David

David also touched on a parking ramp downtown, as well as the Downtown Entertainment and Cultural Organizations (DECO) District.

The city applied for funding through the Greater Binghamton Fund, providing $1.2 million itself, with the county providing $500,000, and private organizations around $300,000.

David concluded his speech by saying that he expects to lower taxes in 2018, but an exact number won’t be known until the budget address in September.