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New Technology at Olum's Helps Customers Find Best Mattress for Body Type

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Brand new scientific technology at Olum’s in Vestal is helping customers find the best mattress for their body type.

The “Go 2 Sleep” Gallery uses a bed-match system that takes information input by customers about their age, weight, health, and what side of their body they sleep on.

The system then uses that information to determine the correct level of postural support needed.

Customers lay down on the bed for three minutes, while pressure points are used to measure customer’s bodies.

The system then recommends the best style and firmness out of the store’s 60 mattress options.

“Nine times out of ten a customer, a person has a hard time selecting what mattress they really need. Sometimes their decision is based on comfort, sometimes it’s based on price, sometimes it’s based on recommendations from a friend or a neighbor or even a salesperson whos working with them. Very little goes into actually what mattresses should be, the right mattress for the right body size or body type.”

The system can even match couples that might have different results, and combines them into one mattress.

The gallery is also in the store’s North Syracuse location.