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Residents of Johnson City Enjoy Snow Day

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Due to Wednesday’s snowstorm, many students across the Southern Tier got a day off.

Fox 40 spoke to residents across Johnson City to see how they spent their snow day.

“Happy because we don’t have to go to school.”

10-year-old Maddison Eastburn and Celia Hemenway were thrilled when they heard school was cancelled. They spent their morning building a mountain of snow in their front yard.

“We’re gonna jump off of it, and maybe push each other off.”

Others, like 14-year-old Donte Fleming, were just excited to spend the day sledding.

“I’m walking to a whole bunch of stores and getting a whole bunch of sleds.”

Approximately 5 inches of snow blanketed parts of Broome County starting early Wednesday morning.

While children played, adults shoveled their way out of their driveways.

Meanwhile on the roads, 10 plows worked around the clock to clear roadways.

“We work through the whole storm, keep the roads open as much as we can. Then when it’s done, we go back and we salt everything and tidy all the intersections up and make them passable.”

Michael Sherba, Supervisor of the Johnson City Department of Public Works, said he had ten men out on trucks and two working to clear and salt sidewalks.

Sherba says the biggest challenge for plows during storms are on main roads like Floral Avenue, Grand Avenue, and Main Street.

"The biggest problem we have is those are emergency snow routes. People are supposed to take their cars off the street, but they don't. They leave them on there and it makes it very difficult for our plows to get around them.”

This morning the Village enacted a 24-hour alternate parking rule. If residents can’t find a spot, Sherba suggests asking a neighbor.

“Maybe ask to park your car in their driveway until the plows come through, and then once the plows come through and clean the road, you can go back out on the street.”

Johnson City hopes to have all roads passable and salted by Thursday morning.