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Four Bars Busted In Underage Drinking Sweep

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Police say an undercover investigation revealed four of nine establishments in Broome County sold alcohol to an underage operative.

The following establishments were targeted in the  February 3, 2018 investigation by member of New York State Police, New York State Liquor Authority and Endicott Police:

1.    Downtown Quarterback, 115 Washington Avenue, Village of Endicott

2.    The New Yorker, 123 Nanticoke Avenue, Village of Endicott

3.    Kelly’s Sports Bar, 102 North Page Avenue, Village of Endicott

4.    Topper Saloon, 1001 Union Center Maine Highway, Town of Union

5.    Barnaby’s Pub, 2101 East Main Street, Town of Union

6.    Blind Tiger Pub, 4402 Watson Blvd, Town of Union

7.    Applebee’s Restaurant, 842 Upper Front Street, Town of Dickinson

8.    Mary’s Bar & Lounge, 85 Castle Creek Road, Town of Chenango

9.    Weis Market, 1290 Front Street, Town of Chenango

Police say the detail focused on establishments that sold alcoholic beverages in the Town of Union, Dickinson, Chenango and Village of Endicott.

Of the nine establishments that were checked workers at the following four establishments sold to the underage operative:

  1. The New Yorker
  2. Barnaby's Pub
  3. Blind Tiger Pub
  4. Mary's Bar and Lounge

The four workers who were charged with violating NYS liquor law, which prohibits selling alcohol to minors, received appearance tickets and must appear in court at a later date.