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Nirchi’s Sells Hundreds Of Pizzas On Game Day

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For their busiest day of the year, it’s all hands on deck at Nirchi’s Main Street location. Manager Gary Hutchings said his team started preparing for Super Bowl Sunday last week.

“Most of my staff is on 90 percent of my staff. [There are] longer shifts and we started prepping earlier in the week; folding boxes, grating cheese, just everything we needed to do to get ready," said Hutchings.

The local store expects to sell several hundred sheets of pizza and several thousand wings for the game day. Some customers pre-ordered their food last week, and some are doing so until kick-off.

“This is pretty much a pizza holiday and it’s a big full sheet day for larger parties," said Hutchings.

Orders are coming in strong, the largest being 400 wings and several sheets of pizza. With over 20 people working at the location, Hutching’s team is dedicated to quality service for an important day.

“We’re just going to work our hardest to get your pizza ready when you want it, ready for the big game," said Hutchings.