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Maine-Endwell boys get their fifth straight win Wednesday

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Maine-Endwell, NY -

Maine-Endwell Spartans (10-5) took down the visiting Binghamton Patriots (6-8), Wednesday, to close out the month of January with a 50-45 victory, and win their fifth straight game.

Grabbing the first six points in the first 2 minutes for the Spartans, freshman guard Jack McFadden closed out the night with 15 points and six rebounds. His teammate, Cody Petro, finished with 10 points, four steals and four assists

Mounting a 12 point lead in the contest, the Spartans were able to stop the Patriots from nearly overcoming the deficit late in regulation. Nearly helping his team retrieve the comeback victory, Yachezqel Ogbonna amassed a total of 13 points in the bout.

Maine-Endwell's next game will be home, Friday, against another five-straight winning team, Elmira at 6:45 p.m.