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Shoppers Flood Oakdale Mall To Return Unwanted Gifts, Cash In On Sales

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The day after Christmas is one of the busiest for stores, with shoppers returning items and cashing in on end-of-year sales.

Fox 40 caught up with shoppers at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City during the annual return-a-thon.

“I bought a little bit too many things, so I was returning. I bought too much for my granddaughter.” - Linda Henley, Binghamton resident

Shoppers were out in full force Tuesday, returning their unwanted gifts and items that don’t fit.

“Just some things I had picked up for Christmas that we didn’t really need.” - Tami Carl, Castle Creek resident

A recent study by Optoro said consumers return $380 billion worth of goods each year, and $90 billion during the holiday season alone.

Some attribute that to shoppers rushing out at the last minute to get their loved ones gifts.

“I think people were in a hurry because a lot of people were telling me at my family’s Christmas that they had to hurry up.” - Tyler Williamson, Endicott resident

“It’s such a rush to get the last minute gifts. Often by the end I have to find something afterwards.” - Margaret Rutler, Afton resident

Finding presents after Christmas may just be the cheaper route.

Post-Christmas deals are drawing in shoppers past December 25th with 50% off and 75% off sales in most stores.

“There’s a lot of great deals in the Bon Ton and JC Penney’s. Most clothes are half off.” - Sarah Juran, Binghamton resident

While some might use end-of-year sales to get started on next year’s list, others can’t even begin to think about the 2018 holiday season.

“After Christmas you blew your budget. You’re paying for stuff that you bought before christmas.” - Linda Henley, Binghamton

“Not quite that far ahead. Maybe some birthdays.” - Margaret Rutler, Afton resident

Return policies differ at every store, but here are the policies for a few major retailers.

Walmart has a 90-day return policy for most items with or without a receipt. Smaller time frame items begin their return periods on December 26th and 15-day items can be returned by January 10th, or January 25th for 30-day items.

At Best Buy, items bought between October 29th and December 30th can be returned by January 14. Exceptions are cell phones, devices that can be activated, and AppleCare monthly plans, which must be returned after 14 days.

Target has a 90-day return policy, and a receipt isn’t always necessary if the product is unopened and undamaged.

For Amazon items, there is a 30-day return window. During the holidays they have an automatic return date of January 31st.

Apple’s 14-day return policy changes for the holidays, allowing purchases between November 15th to December 25th to be returned by January 8th.

Opened software, electronic software downloads from the App Store, software upgrades, Apple Store gift cards, Apple Developer products, and print products cannot be returned.

At Kohl’s, returns can be made for over a year. During the holidays for electronics, the policy changes. Any item purchased between November 1st and December 25th have to be returned by January 31st with original packaging and a valid receipt.