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Local Veteran Gets One Final Wish

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Sha-la Neild lost her husband, a former Army National Guard Captain, 107 days after they met and a non-profit organization made sure that he could grant one last wish for her on Sunday.

"In that 107 days, he completely transformed my life," said Neild.

Timothy Michael Neild was a Candor High School graduate, a veteran of the Afghanistan War, and a Bronze Star recipient. Members of the Tioga Veterans Affairs group got in touch with Marty Dibble of Soldier's Wish, an Oklahoma based organization, to make sure that Timothy could transform Sha-la's life one more time.

Soldier's Wish provided her with a $1,000 gift card to Walmart so that she could take care of her son and make this upcoming holiday season a more cheerful one.

"I've never been in love with a person the way I was in love with him," said Neild.

You can learn more about Tioga Veterans Affairs here and Soldier's Wish here.