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High School Democrats Start Chapter in Broome County

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Members of the High School Democrats of America officially announced the founding of a chapter in Broome County.

"One of the biggest ways to tap into the youth here in Broome County is definitely just going right to the source and hitting those high schools and going to meetings at their schools and holding things at their schools that they can attend," said Benjamin Reynolds, Chapter President.

The group currently has around 40 members with a majority of them coming from Johnson City High School and Union-Endicott High School. Reynolds says his organization plans to work with local politicians, the Democratic committee, and other youth-based political organizations to "build a better Broome County for all."

To elect Democrats, contribute to Democratic causes, and to serve as an organization that will works towards a better Broome County and ultimately a better United States.

— HSDA Broome County Chapter Mission Statement

The organization says they plan to work "tirelessly" in the 2018 Primary Elections to make sure "responsible Democrats are elected to office."

"The high schoolers of this generation will be the political leaders of the future so we know that it is so important for us to educate ourselves on the issues to ensure that educated, and qualified political candidates are up for election in the future," said Reynolds.

You can get in contact with the HSDA Broome County Chapter on their Facebook page or contact the Chapter's President at 727-4510.