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By the rising of the Moon

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Binghamton University Sophomore Kai Moon is destined for big things this season.  While most opposing teams will focus the scouting report around Imani Watkins and Alyssa James, they should probably also give Moon a considerable amount of attention as well.

An All-Rookie selection a year ago, Moon started all 30 games for the Bearcats and averaged 8.4 points per game, 3.5 rebounds per game, and 2.0 assists per game.  Now, with a full year of experience at the Division I level and a position change to point guard, the offense runs through her and her continued growth and success is a key for the Bearcats as the season starts Friday.

"Kai's a special player, she's a special person.  She's going to be a superstar in this league and she's a superstar in life," said Head Coach Linda Cimino.  "She has so much personality, so much to offer this program and this community.  I think this is only the beginning for her.  We're really looking for her to take off this season.  We've moved her to the point because we want to push the ball in transition and we want to score fast and we need the ball in her hands to do that.  Look for her to score in transition, look for her to shoot the 3 a lot more, she's shooting the ball really, really well.  She's worked so hard in the off-season to prepare for her sophomore season and as they say, she's going to be a sophomore sensation."

"It also helps knowing what to expect, being the second season that I have here.  The nerves will be there, that's normal," said Moon.  "But there's a familiarity that I'm more comfortable with this game now.  So I'm just looking forward to see how this first game goes."

The Bearcats open the season on the road Friday in West Point against Army at 7:00.