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Veterans Get A Special "Thank You" From Elementary Students

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Veterans Day isn't until Saturday, but for students at Chenango Valley elementary schools, it's never too early to show appreciation.

Local veterans were invited to the Port Dickinson Elementary School's assembly on Thursday morning. They were greeted by patriotic songs and poems. For many of the students, the ceremony meant taking the time to thank moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, aunts, and uncles for their service.

Shane Armstrong served overseas in Iraq, Germany, and Italy with the U.S. Army. A handmade card from her daughter Bridget, and a tribute from a thousand tiny voices belting out "God Bless America," has her feeling a bit emotional.

"It feels overwhelming," says Armstrong, holding her card in one hand and her daughter's hand in the other, "It's really nice to see the appreciation from such young students."

Armstrong is one of around 30 vets who were honored by the students. Each got a card and a hug.

Students over at Chenango Bridge Elementary also took the time to say "thank you."

"They helped us just have a good life and they sacrificed theirs for ours," says Miley Wood, a 5th grader on Student Council at Chenango Bridge.

The Student Council planted flags on the front lawn of the school to show support for local vets. 

"It brings awareness to the community and people who drive by our school every day that we want to honor the veterans that are here and everywhere really," says Katy Heller, a teacher at Chenango Bridge Elementary. 

The students may be more than 10 years shy of being able to serve their country, but they understand the importance of honoring those who did.