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Binghamton Mayoral Candidates Reach out to Voters and Cast Their Ballots

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Both Republican Mayor Rich David and Democratic Challenger Tarik Abdelazim spent their election day continuing their campaigns by reaching out to last minute voters. David and Abdelazim also took place in the voting process, both confident in their chances.

David is seeking a second term in office, while Abdelazim hopes to achieve mayoral status. David said he is proud of what he has achieved during his time in office.

"I feel very good and I think that basically residents and voters have seen a great deal of action and activity over the course of the past four years," said David. "I think that will be the deciding factor that they make their decision on when they head to the polls today."

Abdelazim says he has been very busy working his campaign and feels good.

"It's been great to be able to communicate with them," said Abdelazim. "The priorities that they've identified are exactly what I've focused on in this campaign, so the outcomes are that I think people are excited about today. I have lost the soles of about three pairs of shoes, so it's been a very busy campaign season."