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William H Lane Inc. Construction Celebrates 50th Year

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On August 23, 1967, William (Bill) H. Lane began his construction company in Binghamton, after working eleven years with local company Vincent Smith Incorporated. Choosing to stay in the Southern Tier, Bill said it all came down to family.

"Broome County was the valley of opportunity. We had family here...so I felt that we are going to stay right here and build this company," said Bill Lane, founder of William H. Lane Incorporated.

And stay he did. Starting his own firm single handedly, Bill Lane secured his first construction job in late 1967 for Borden Chemical, Bainbridge, unknowingly witnessing William H. Lane Inc. become one of the largest construction companies in the Southern Tier.

Wednesday, Lane Inc. celebrated its 50th year in business with a reception gala at the company's headquarters, the Lane Building: 113 Court St, Binghamton. Honoring Lane's founder and the nearly 200 employees, Mark Lane, Bill's son and Lane Inc. President, said the foundation of the business that the company's associates and Bill created is the reason why Lane Inc. has continued to prosper over the years.

"We consider everybody family; associates, staff, accountants. So the projects then take care of themselves when you have that relationship with your clients and business partners" said Mark Lane, William H. Lane Incorporated President.

But Lane Inc. is more than a family oriented business, according to Mark Lane his company has some employees that are third generation. Creating more of a home than a business, for his staff.

"We have people that have been here for 30 years or more. It's been a wonderful journey," said Mark Lane.

According to Mark, the future of Lane Inc. looks bright. Continuing to expand the business, Mark said Lane has many projects in the works and is looking for skilled workers to complete jobs for the next 50 years

If you would like to join the William H. Lane Inc. family, visit their website for more information.