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Vestal School District holds Public Display on Upcoming Capital Project Vote

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Vestal residents gathered at the Vestal High School auditorium, Tuesday, for a public presentation on what to expect with the upcoming Capital Project vote.

If approved by taxpayers in December, the 2018 Capital Project looks to renovate architectural and structural needs, safety concerns, athletics, and operational equipment throughout the Vestal School District.

"Every school district, we are planning on doing some major renovations, inside and outside. You name it, we are doing it," said Joseph Loretz.

According to Vestal's Director of Facilities and Operations, Joseph Loretz, a significant amount of work is needed for all schools in the Vestal district. The proposed project referendum would see $34.7 million allocated for Vestal facilities.

Working alongside Ben Maslona, Financial Advisor with Fiscal Advisors and Marketing, Loretz said the Vestal District has not had such a large project proposal in over ten years, but due to the high standards of education it's important that school facilities be "maintained and kept up with the times." And in preparation for a massive overhaul of Vestal schools, he said finances were reserved with taxpayers in mind.

"The district had the foresight to put aside funds over the past years. The voter impact is going to be very little," said Joseph Loretz.

Of the $34.7 million dollars in finances, nearly $21 million would be rewarded by New York State aid and roughly $9 million comes from Vestal's reserve funds, leaving $5.3 million to be picked up by taxpayers. A number that Ben Maslona said would be quite low.

"The end result for a taxpayer will be $0.23 per $1,000. So if you have a $100,000 home, and you have no exemptions like the STAR program, it'd be $23." 

Maslona stated that if the Capital Project is approved, later this year, "it will have no impact on taxes until the 2020-21 fiscal year."

A few projects slated for approval include:

  • Artificial turf for baseball/softball fields and track resurfacing (Senior High)
  • Student pick-up area improvements (Senior High/Vestal Hills)
  • Playground and fencing (District-wide)
  • School entrance improvements (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Senior High)
  • Concrete and pavement (District-wide)
  • Gymnasium improvements (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Glenwood)
  • Interior door replacement (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Glenwood/Senior High/Tioga Hills/Vestal Hills)
  • Energy efficient window replacement (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Glenwood/Senior High/Tioga Hills/Central Junior/Bus Garage/ Maintenance)
  • Classroom improvements (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Glenwood/Senior High/Tioga Hills/Vestal Hills)
  • Roof replacement and improvement (African Rd/Glenwood/Senior High/Vestal Hills)
  • Bathroom and locker improvements (African Rd/Clayton Ave/Glenwood/Senior High/Tioga Hills/Vestal Hills)

Voting on the Capital Project is scheduled for December 12, 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. If approved, construction projects could begin as soon as May, 2019.