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Hunters Bring Their Wallets To The Southern Tier

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Every year, hunters travel into the Southern Tier and other parts of New York State, bringing their money with them. A newly formed group called "Hunting Works For New York" is spreading the word about the economic impact the outdoors sport has on the state and local counties.

"We have people who come from other parts of the state who know this is a great place to hunt," says Brendan O'Bryan, Manager of Government Relations with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair of Hunting Works For New York.

Hunters spend their money in local sporting goods stores, restaurants, gas stations, and motels.

"They spend a lot of money," says Larry Steiner, Co-Chair of Hunting Works For New York.

The organization says there are about 823,000 hunters who travel throughout the state.

"Per hunting trip, hunters spend on average $2,000 per person," says Ray Pucci, President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair of Hunting Works For New York.

That spending money adds up to a significant $2.3 billion each year and supports over 23,700 jobs across the state. For areas like Delaware County, who rely on the tourism season to survive, hunters bring their wallets well after the summer months end.

"What hunting does, it adds to our season," says Pucci.

The organization says hunting is not often recognized as the revenue machine that it is, and they aim to educate the public on what money can be made from the sport.