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14th Annual Traci's Hope Reaches Half Million Mark of Helping Women

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Over $500,000 has been given to women fighting breast cancer, thanks to Traci's Hope. The non-profit organization is celebrating 14 years helping over 600 women with finances while they deal with the terrible disease. 

Traci's Hope was founded by Traci Gibson, who passed away from breast cancer on October 3, 2006. Sadly, Traci never had a chance to see her organization grow to what it is today. However, her father, Gordon Shiner, says she would have been proud to know she has helped so many women. 

"Maybe there's somebody out there saying, 'gee I wish I could get help from them.' It's so easy. you just take an application and that's it.  I don't think we've ever turned anyone down. I would hope from this event that people can see what we're doing, but also in my heart wish that there is someone out there that we can help," said Shiner. 

When Traci's Hope first started, each recipient received $500. Now each recipient receives $1,000. Shiner says he looks forward to seeing that number increase as they continue making the event one of the largest fundraisers in the area. 

Hundreds attended this years event, making it the largest one yet. Over 170 bikers also teamed up for the 11th annual Traci's Hope Motorcycle ride. The event was held at the Apalachin fairgrounds, and offered plenty of food, raffles and music. All proceeds from the benefit will help those fighting breast cancer in Broome, Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna counties.