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Local Artists Showcase Binghamton's Past and Future

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Fifteen local artists showcased 30 different works of art which highlighted Binghamton's history and future. The "Art of Binghamton" exhibit at the Art Mission and Theater celebrated the city's 150 year history.

"It shows the creative viewpoint of the locals, of the hometown," said Matthew Card, Gallery Curator. He gathered paintings, drawings, and photographs for the exhibit.

Among those featured was Greg Milunich, a photographer from Binghamton who had one of his famous colorized historical pictures on display.

"Binghamton is really a beautiful and historic city if you just take a minute to look and see what's really around you," said Milunich.

Binghamton Artists

  • Matthew Card
  • Jonathan W. Cohen
  • Denise Franchino
  • Danielle Herman
  • Lora McNeil Johnson
  • Joshua Lasky
  • Drew Lewis
  • Greg Milunich
  • Deb Pultz Rockefeller
  • Christi Sturdevant
  • David Skyrea
  • Andrea Wood
  • Kirk Van Zandbergen
  • Lesli Van Zandbergen

While Milunich takes historic pictures and modernizes them, another artist, Drew Lewis takes current images and brings them into the future.

"I'm able to get views of Binghamton and the surrounding areas that you've never seen before," said Lewis.

He flies his drone 400 feet into the air and captures pictures of Binghamton and the surrounding areas from a birds eye view.

"Binghamton is gorgeous down below, but it's also gorgeous from above and it's my job to show these people," said Lewis.

You can see more of Lewis' work here and find future events at the Art Mission and Theater here.