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Devils want to be hard to play against

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Winning games means being better than your opponent.  The Binghamton Devils hope to not only be better than their opponents, but to be a difficult team to play against.  As the preseason kicks off on Friday, the Devils will get their first look at how the season will go.  

The Devils have made the playoffs three of the last four years, playing in Albany.  Now as they transition to life in Binghamton, they'll look to once again be one of the top teams in the league.  Speed and pace of play are keys to their success, and the identity of this team.

"We're going to be fast, attacking, supportive," says Forward Blake Speers.  "I think the main thing is, we want to be tough to play against.  Everyone knows speed is tough to play against.  We're going to be hard on pucks, we're going to be fast in the forecheck and out on the backcheck, and obviously we're going to look to make plays and be a high octane offense."

"It's a fast, north mentality, meaning we're getting the puck and we're going with it," says Head Coach Rick Kowalsky.  "We're not going to be cute with it, whether it's a forecheck, or we're able to attack off the rush. I just think every coach, but certainly something that leads into the fact that we want to be hard to play against.  If we have a good skating team, which we will be, and we're relentless in our puck pursuit and our puck pressure when we don't have it, and then when we do have it, have that aggressive mindset to take pucks to the net and get bodies there, I think that makes it hard to play against.  Then you can add the speed and the physical element to it which I think is an aspect we can implement here."

The Devils play their first preseason game on Friday on the road against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins at 7:35.  They return home to play the Penguins on Sunday at 5:05.