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10th and Final Defendant Charged in Federal Multi-State Meth Bust

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The 10th and final Defendant in a Multi-State methamphetamine ring has been charged in Federal Court on Tuesday. He joins nine others who were arrested and charged at the Binghamton Federal Courthouse last week.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Jerome Bell pleaded not guilty via video conference to Conspiracy to Sell Methamphetamine and Money Laundering Conspiracy.

The charges stem from incidents between January 2015 and September 5, 2017, where the suspects are accused of selling "substantial" amounts of methamphetamine between Broome County and Arizona.

On September 20, New York State Police and the Broome County Sheriff's Officers arrested eight people, while Arizona Police arrested one in a mission named "Operation Hailstorm." 

The full list of Defendants:

  • Charles Green Jr., 42, Binghamton
  • Rachel Millard, 35, Endicott
  • Akuan Johnson, 39, Binghamton
  • Alonso Harris, 42, Youngstown, Arizona
  • Amanda Kamp, 27, Binghamton
  • Vincent Harrell, Jr., 39, Endicott
  • Kenneth Wilson, 46, Binghamton
  • Misti Evans, 37, Endicott
  • Jolene Barrett-Stoeckel, 41, Johnson City
  • Jerome Bell

Defense Attorney Paul Battisti originally told Fox 40 that he believed his client George Clarke, 41 of Endicott, was named in the indictment, but according to the document, he was not. Clarke was in Federal Court on the September 20, for violating his drug parole.

Bell has two prior Felony drug convictions, both in Broome County. The first on June 25, 2002, for Attempted Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance and the other for on February 7, 2005, for Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance. He was sentenced to a total of four to six years between the two convictions.

You can read the unsealed indictment below: