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Bearcats eager for shot at professional dream

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Any kid that starts playing sports is going to have a dream of playing that sport at the highest possible level.  For several Binghamton University baseball players that has become more and more possible over the years.  Seven Bearcats have been selected in the MLB Draft in the last six years with many of them still working their way through the minor leagues.

On Tuesday, BU held its 16th annual scout day where scouts from 14 Major League teams were on hand to evaluate the talent on the Bearcats.  For the players, it's a great chance to get noticed and land yourself on a team's radar and then using the regular season to improve on the impression they've made during scout day.  It also gets them excited for the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of their former teammates.

"It gets everybody excited that, just because we're a smaller school, a mid-major school doesn't mean people aren't watching us and people aren't looking for us." said BU Senior Pitcher and Vestal High School Grad Nick Wegmann.  "It gives everybody some hope that we're going to be able to achieve our dream of playing professional baseball."

"They understand that we're not just going to roll out the bats and balls for them everyday but we're going to try to do everything we can from a coaching standpoint to get their skills developed to the best of their abilities, get the most out of them as players, and then hopefully before they leave Binghamton they get a chance to play professionally," said Head Coach Tim Sinicki.  "We do take a lot of pride in our player development.  I think it's shown over the years that we've had very few guys who we recruited that were drafted out of high school, but then three or four years later, they are professional prospects."

Here's a look at Binghamton MLB Draft Picks
1990 – Dan Gray, C (Los Angeles Dodgers, 7th Round), Dirk Gorman, OF (Los Angeles Dodgers, 48th Round)
2001 – Jeff Montani, RHP (Baltimore Orioles, 37th Round)
2008 – Jeff Dennis, LHP (Oakland Athletics, 40th Round)
2009 – Murphy Smith, RHP (Oakland Athletics, 13th Round)
2010 – Henry Dunn, OF (Cleveland Indians, 50th Round)
2012 – Mike Augliera, RHP (Boston Red Sox, 5th Round), Lee Sosa, RHP (Oakland Athletics, 26th Round)
2014 – Bill Bereszniewicz, OF (Los Angeles Dodgers, 28th Round)
2015 - Jake Thomas, OF (Toronto Blue Jays, 27th Round)
2016 - Mike Bunal, RHP (Colorado Rockies, 17th Round), Reed Gamache, 2B (undrafted but signed by NY Mets)
2017 - Justin Yurchak, 3B (Chicago White Sox, 12th Round), Dylan Stock, RHP (Detroit Tigers, 25th Round)

The Bearcats regular season starts February 16-18 in Louisiana.