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Head of Fenton Planning Board Apologizes

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Seeking a fresh start as he leads the review process on the controversial natural gas compressor station, John Eldred, the head of the Fenton Planning Board, opened Wednesday night's meeting with an apology to his critics.

"I want to apologize for my rudeness, my unprofessional courtesies, my poor decisions, some said I was hostile...ignorance to the people and nobody has confidence in me. I want to apologize," said Eldred.

Eldred's apology was applauded by the crowd of more than 175 people and come after opponents have called on him to resign.

In August, a Broome County Supreme Court judge ruled against the Fenton Planning Board, pointing to several missteps during the review and approval process of NG Advantage's natural gas compressor station.

Since that decision, one board member has resigned.

Only five of seven planning board members were at the Wednesday meeting. That meant the 3-to-2 vote to make the board the lead agency in the state's environmental review process on the project did not pass because the motion required a majority vote.