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Families In Need Get A Little Help From Price Rite, United Way

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It takes a community, that's why several companies and organizations are coming together to help out families in need here in Broome County. Price Rite, Feed the Children, Pepsi, and United Way teamed up to provide 800 families with food and other essentials. 

"Without our communities, we're nothing. Our communities are our customers, so we need to take care of them whenever we can," says Price Rite district manager Corey Confer.

Over 40 volunteers loaded up the trunks of cars outside the grocery chain's Vestal location, sending the families off with supplies they need. United Way Interim Director LoriAnne Welch says it's great to see everyone so upbeat and working hard to help each other out.

"It's just such a happy occasion. There's just no other way to say it, to see so many smiles on the volunteers and the recipients. It's just such a happy occasion," says Welch.

Recipients were selected by local food pantries. Price Rite and Feed the Children will hold 10 food distribution events in total this year, all in different locations.