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ACA Commemorates Binghamton's Status as a Welcoming City

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The American Civic Association held an All Nations Parade and Celebration on Saturday to commemorate Binghamton's status as a Welcoming City.

"The All Nations Celebration recognizes many cultures that call Binghamton and the surrounding area home," said Mayra Garcia, American Civic Association Executive Director.

In February 2017, the Binghamton City Council unanimously passed the Welcoming Cities Resolution. The legislation supports legal immigrants, refugees, and local immigration services who seek to improve and protect immigrants and refugee programs.

During the event, Binghamton Mayor Rich David presented the American Civic Association with a proclamation declaring their building as "a place for foreign-born people."

"They are always welcome in Binghamton and they're always welcome here in the American Civic Association and we'll do whatever we need to do to help them resettle," said Sheila Eldred, American Civic Association Board Member.

The money from the event benefits the ACA's mission to help integrate immigrants and refugees into the community.