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Endicott Police Investigating String Of robberies

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    The Endicott Police Department is continuing the investigations involving a series of robberies that have occurred at various locations within the Village of Endicott over the past two weeks.  All of the robberies have occurred during the late evening and early morning hours between 11pm-5am.  Suspects have threatened the use of a handgun in some of the robberies.

     In each of the robberies the suspect(s) have been described as black males, app. 5’6’ – 6’3”, medium builds, age range of 20s-30s, all were wearing dark clothing, hooded sweatshirts, and some wearing bandanas over their faces. There have been at least 2 suspects in some of the robberies.

     Anyone with information on these incidents should contact the Endicott Police Department at 607-785-3341.