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Local Officers Honored for Service to Community

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"Unico" is the Italian word for "unique", chosen to represent a one-of-a-kind item or person. Wednesday, The Greater Binghamton Chapter of UNICO, a nationwide organization, invited every Broome County Police Agency to attend a special recognition dinner at Atrio, Endwell.

With representatives from all local police departments in attendance, UNICO presented each agency a plaque in recognition of their law enforcement efforts and challenges in protecting the citizens of Broome County and around the area.

After dinner and a round of applause, Michael Marinaccio, President of the Greater Binghamton Chapter of UNICO and Broome District Attorney Steve Cornwell awarded the following agency leaders a heartfelt welcome and ceremonial plaque:

  • David Harder and Eric Janis, Broome County Sheriff
  • Joe Zikuski, Binghamton Police Department Chief
  • Chris Steno, Vestal Police Department
  • Donald Cantwell, Deposit Police Department (Absent)
  • Patrick Garey and Craig Williams, Endicott Police Department
  • Brent Dodge, Johnson City Police Department
  • James Barnes, NY State Police
  • Douglas Pipher, Port Dickinson Department

According to David Harder, in a time where police agencies are being targeted with negative publicity, having this event is a welcomed sight.

"Across the country, you hear 'the police agencies are no good' here we're being recognized and it's building our confidence back into the public," said Broome Sheriff David Harder.

Harder, who has been in the law enforcement services for 53 years, said he never gets tired of the public saying "thank you." From helping someone change a flat tire or delivering a baby, David Harder hopes that his community will take away from today's recognition dinner that police officers are ordinary citizens, with a "unico" responsibility to bring safety to the public.