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West Point Parachute Team Dives Into JC Field Days

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West Point Military Academy cadets dove onto Northside Park in Johnson City early Saturday afternoon. It's just one of the many events that are scheduled over the weekend to celebrate 50 years of the Johnson City Field Days. 

Kris Hayhurst is a Cadet at West Point and is also one of the most experienced divers on his team; totaling around 1,200 jumps in his lifetime. Hayhurst's classmates have jumped a total of anywhere between 400 to 600 dives. 

"We're so focused in on what were doing on this jump, that's what propels us out of the air craft. At first you're a little hesitant, it's a little scary putting your life in the hands of equipment but we've all gained trust in our equipment and we know we're going to be okay," Kris Hayhurst, West Point Cadet. 

A Guthrie Air helicopter assisted in taking the divers up nearly 10,000 feet. Johnson City fire and police departments also assisted in the safety of the sky divers landing.