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BC Officials Discuss Disaster Preparedness, Vestal Resident Voices Worry Over Choconut Creek Flooding

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Hurricane Harvey’s destruction is a reminder of the damage caused by flooding for one Vestal resident.

Kristina Rine and her family lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment when Choconut Creek rose onto their property during July’s flash floods.

Police knocked on our door at about four in the morning, and the water was all the way up to our driveway. There was 4 or 5 feet of water covering the barns.

The water not only destroyed the structures in her backyard, but also sucked trees and six feet of land into the water with it.

It was like an ocean, you could see all the way across to the other side of the road.

That’s why Rine wants the creek to be filled in, preventing future disasters.

Broome County officials met Friday for National Preparedness Month to discuss ways the county is preparing for future disasters.

Michael Ponticiello, Director of Broome County Emergency Services, spoke about what’s being done to prevent the Choconut from causing more damage.

We’re always working on different plans and exercises and different mitigation techniques to prevent disasters in the future or make us better at responding to them. We’re also working with the local municipality and the state on various planning and mitigation efforts can possibly be done along the Choconut Creek.