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Two Baseball Legends Visit UHS, Sign Baseballs for Fans Ahead of Golf Tournament

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Gina “Chirpie” Casey and Jim “Mudcat” Grant visited the UHS Orthopedic Center Wednesday on the eve of the 16th Annual Mudcat Grant All-Star Golf Tournament.

The legendary ballplayers autographed baseballs for fans of all ages.

For Grant, this is his sixteenth time visiting the center, but it's Casey's first.

To me its very special because all the things they raise money to help people. I'm just honored to be here with all these famous ballplayers and everything. It's very special.

Through Grant and Casey, kids at the event learned about the history from two of baseball's pioneers. 

Casey played for the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League on second base and represents the historic team. The 1992 film “A League of Their Own” starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis was based on the baseball league.

Grant is a former Major League pitcher honored as one of the “Black Aces”, the first African American pitchers to win 20 or more games in one season. He became the first black pitcher to win 20 games in one season in the American League and the first black pitcher to win a World Series game for the American League.

Over the years, Grant has encouraged retired athletes to involve themselves in activities such as golf tournaments, visits to hospitals and visits to nursing homes. Many retired athletes and Black Aces have attended the UHS autograph event and golf tournament alongside Grant.

Grant hopes to keep coming back to Binghamton as long as he can for these special events.

Assist as much as you possible can with other organizations to do what you can.. then I will be coming back to this area.

The annual golf tournament is Thursday and benefits approximately four local charities. This year they are donating $5,000 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.