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Broome County EMS Celebrates 50 Years, Reflects On 2011 Flood

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The Broome County Office of Emergency Services celebrated over 50 years of service, one of the oldest EMS department’s in the state.

Broome EMS Coordinator Ray Serowik, spoke to Binghamton Rotary Club members about the history of the EMS and the similarities between the 2011 flood to Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas.

"Some eerie similarities between the situation in Texas and what we experienced in Broome County back then. Flooding is just such a pervasive emergency, it affects every aspect of every life and everyone in the community that's impacted."

Serowik has worked for the EMS for almost 40 years and says the county first responders have faced and overcome many hardships in the Broome County.

"As you might guess, the biggest challenge that we have is providing EMS in rural areas."

Serowik has served as the EMS Coordinator for Broome County since 1988, and is also one of the county's deputy emergency managers.

The Broome County EMS employs hundreds of people.