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The 170th Annual Chenango County Fair Brings Teachable Moments

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The 170th annual Chenango County Fair is in full swing and with it comes food music entertainment and even for some, teachable moments. Six days filled with live performances, a beauty pageants, a rodeo and of course, agriculture, which local farmers see as the chance to show the community what they've been doing all year round.

Sheila Marshman, whose husband's family owns and operates a 7th Generation Dairy Farm in Oxford NY said,  "Everyday 24/7 we're on the farm. They're working, they're managing their business, they're caring for the land and animals so they don't have a lot of time to interact with the consumer and by coming to the county fair, its our opportunity once a year  to interact with the consumers and to tell the consumers of our story of modern day agriculture."

But Marshman says this part of the fair is not only for showing off livestock, but it also a serves as a chance to teach valuable lessons to the kids. 

"It teaches about leadership it teaches about responsibility and I think those are all skills that make for a successful community. I think those skills that can be applied when they are working not only on a  farm but maybe in corporate America or even when they go to school or have families of their own," said Marshman. 

Lilly Marshman, 4th grader, Sheila's daughter who assisted her mom at the livestock showcase said, "I'm learning that you have to work hard to get somewhere in life, and I'm learning teamwork and leadership" 

"It's a wonderful feeling seeing her in the show ring, seeing her care for her animals, seeing her handle her animal and seeing her interact with the public and other '4H' members here at the show." Marshman went on to say, "Its important that we integrate the children into the business at a very young age because the reality of it is, they're really our best investment.  Hopefully they'll want to manage the farm. Our youth really are our best crop."

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