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Hundreds Of Planes Take To The Skies In Chenango Bridge Air Show

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Hundreds of planes will be soaring around the sky above the Chenango Bridge airport this weekend, as the Binghamton Aeros host their 32nd large scale radio control air show. Organizers say pilots and aviation enthusiasts from all over the country come to the event every year. 

"We've got them coming in from Florida, Canada, all over the place," says President of the Binghamton Aeros, Tony Jensen, "There's about 50 here now, but they'll start filtering in more this afternoon."

For many, it's a childhood fascination with flying that spurs them to take up building working planes half the size of the real thing.

"I just always liked the idea of aviation and flying I guess," says Larry Alles, who has been building planes since he was 12 years old.

Many of the pilots at the air show tell me they build their own planes from scratch. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to put them together, but with over 50 years into the game, Alles has it pretty well figured out. 

Each plane takes about a year to make. Before they are doing loops through the clouds, the planes start as plans on paper. The plans are blown up to a larger scale and then it's all about piecing together to right materials. Alles uses balsa and hard woods, but says you need to be careful not to make the plane too heavy.

"You gotta keep 'em light if you want 'em to fly nice," says Alles.

Organizers estimate around 300 planes will be taking flight at the air show this weekend. Models range from World War 1 fighters to turbine jets. The event runs through Sunday afternoon and is free. The event benefits CHOW, so a donation of either a non-perishable food item or money is appreciated.