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Local Libraries Receive $150,000 In State Funds

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Hillcrest, NY -

Local libraries are getting a boost in funding after some changes to former Senator Tom Libous's BOOKS program. Senator Fred Akshar announced on Wednesday that he is refocusing the funds of the program and giving $6,000 to each library in the senate district to use for whatever their specific needs may be. The money totals to $150,000.

The Fenton Free Library is using their funds to replenish the children's section and provide more programming. Library Director Korin Spencer says it's her vision to make the library not only a place for reading and learning, but the center of the community. Many of the programs held at the library are geared towards children, engaging them in learning in fun ways and creating a safe and positive space.

"They are our future. Build their memories of coming here with their parents and hopefully they will continue to come and increase their knowledge about libraries and want to make it their home as well as ours," says Spencer.

The Fenton library is also getting an additional $15,000 grant from the state to repair structural damages to the building.