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Tenney: Broome Gateway Rest Area is Illegal

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-22) has a big issue with the Broome Gateway Rest Area in Kirkwood -- it's illegal. Tenney said Cuomo's administration broke federal law when it opened the Interstate 81 rest stop in 2011. 

The law bans interstate rest areas from selling food and drink in anything other than vending machines. On Tuesday, she called on the Federal Highway Administration to "hold New York accountable"

In a release, Tenney described the rest areas as a "state run monopoly" that was hurting local businesses.

Cuomo launched the DOT's Broome Gateway Rest Area as a way to promote local tourism -- the rest stop, near the Pennsylvania border, features a Taste NY Store, which sells locally grown food such as Chobani Yogurt and cheese from a Chenango Forks dairy farm.