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NYS Rolls Out Co-Pay Program For Overdose Reversing Drug

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New York State is introducing a co-pay program to make the overdose reversing drug naloxone more financially available. Starting Wednesday, the Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP) will cover up to $40 of the cost of co-payments for naloxone at pharmacies with a physician standing order.

A standing order from a physician allows patients to purchase naloxone over the counter without a written prescription. New York is one of 41 states that allow for the purchase of the drug without prescription. 

“We commend Governor Cuomo New York State and the AIDS Institute for their leadership and support of innovative mechanisms to increase access to naloxone. This program may save countless lives and should serve as a model for other states around the country,” says Monique Tula, Executive Director of Harm Reduction Coalition.

The initiative aims to make emergency help more readily available for addicts or concerned friends and family.