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Eastern League on board with Rumble Ponies

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The initial negative reaction to the Binghamton Mets changing their name was fast and furious, as it is with every Minor League team that has changed its name over the years.  Now, a lot of that dissent has disappeared and the Rumble Ponies culture is sweeping Broome County. 

Across the Eastern League where team names like the RubberDucks, Flying Squirrels, and Yard Goats were all met with initial disdain, the reaction to the Rumble Ponies is very positive.

"I can accurately say that most thought it was long overdue.  It was stale," said Eastern League President Joe McEacharn.  "It's the modern day industry.  The old days of your team being named after your major league affiliate are gone.  Major League Baseball is fighting to keep the young kids involved.  Now you have a Rumble Pony.  You have a Rumble Pony with boxing gloves on.  That's fun.  When you have a name and a mascot that's fun for kids, it's good clean fun for moms, that's what's good for business, and dad's always follow suit."

The Eastern League awarded the 2020 All-Star Game to Binghamton on Friday.