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Teenage Singer is Tearing up the Local Music Scene

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Noor Hila is tearing up the local music scene one song at a time and at just 13-years-old, she has a big voice for someone so young.

"Noor just has this soulful way of singing," said Damien Cornwell, On Point Productions Owner. He owns the recording studio where Noor practices, perfects, and performs many of her songs. 

"I've written like four or five songs in here, I remember last summer I wrote two songs at the same time," said Noor, surrounded by her biggest support system - her family. Where you can find Noor performing, you're bound to find her father, Amin, and grandmother, Christina, not too far behind.

"It's a balance, how hard to we push or do we not push at all," said Amin. Not an easy decision for a dad who's daughter has a voice compared to musicians such as Adele. But he considers himself lucky because Noor is extremely self motivated and dedicated to taking her talents to the next level.

"You would think because her parents are both Doctors that we would be hard on her, but no," said Amin. His daughter agreed, saying she is her hardest critique.

Her Producer, Damien, calls her the triple threat - she can sing, play piano, and write music. She's been writing songs for a few years now, despite not knowing how to read musical notes.

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Noor's grandmother would sing her to sleep. When she turned two, Christina realized Noor had a special talent. Piano lessons began at the age of four, just one year after the family moved to Vestal.

"I just started thinking about music when I saw that she had talent," said Christina.

It wasn't long before 6-year-old Noor outgrew her first piano instructor.

"This teacher came to us and she said you need to find another teacher for Noor because I can't teach her anymore, she has talent and is more talented than me," said Amin.

Seven years later and the "straight A's," Vestal Middle School student has 15 songs under her belt and is performing all across the Southern Tier. She was one of three winners in the 2017 Endicott Performing Arts Center's Got Talent Showcase and continues to write and make music all the time.

Her latest project is a collaboration with another local artist, Allie Torto. The pair is working together - her first collaboration with an outside artist.

"It feels really cool because she tells me something that she wants a song to be about and you have to find a way to cooperate both feelings into one," said Noor.

As of right now, Noor wants to go to Medical School and become a Dermatologist, but she's not ruling out a career in music if the stars were to align in her favor.

"I love to perform and I think it would be really cool to go on tour and have people follow me," said Noor.

She already has a group of fans that are rooting for her, which continues to grow after every song she puts out. 

She says her music is always a work in progress and you can follow along with her journey on her Noor Hila Project Facebook page.