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Montreal to MLB: "Give us back the Expos"

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MLB Commissioner Emeritus Bud Selig was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday and welcomed with mixed reaction by the crowd: polite applause and a smattering of boos, including one fan's homemade t-shirt featuring a caricature of Selig with a red "no" sign over his face saying "This Bud's not for us."  The commissioner of any sport is a polarizing figure, but for as much good Selig did for the game, there are places where the fans still have negative opinions of him.  On Sunday, the issue was Selig's role in the Montreal Expos departure for Washington, DC after the 2004 season.  After the Expos departure, with over 4 million people, Montreal is now the largest North America city without a professional baseball team.

Thousands of Expos fans came to Cooperstown Sunday to see Expos great Tim Raines be enshrined in the Hall.  For those fans, it was just a bonus to show their disdain for the former commissioner.  Despite not having a team for over a decade, a strong showing in Cooperstown by the people of Montreal sends a strong message to Selig and current commissioner, Rob Manfred who was in attendance Sunday: "we want baseball back."

"Yea, we want a team back.  Washington got a team back twice.  We just want a team back," says Jean Allaird of Montreal.  "I'm a little tired of people talking about it.  Show the money, buy the shovel, build a stadium and they will come.  I'm not the first one that says that."

"It speaks volumes.  If you look into the details, you'll understand why the Expos got moved out," says Dave Huculak of Montreal.  "There was a lot of skullduggery happening there and it's not conspiracy theory, it's fact.  And let's just say we're not going to cheer to loud for Bud Selig [Sunday].  Is that fair?"

In March, "The Star" published an article saying that a group of investors has met the criteria set forth by Major League Baseball to bring a team back to the city.  No further announcement has been made by the city or the league to the likelihood of that happening.

Florida Native and Former Expo Warren Cromartie created the Montreal Baseball Project in 2012, with the sole purpose of bringing baseball back to Montreal.