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New York State Invests 20 Million Dollars In Southern Tier Downtowns

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New York State is investing $20 million in Southern Tier downtown businesses. Governor Andrew Cuomo stopped in Johnson City with the news and a check.

"We're going to put our money where our mouth is and we're going to fund a $20 million fund," says Cuomo.

That money will go towards revitalizing three downtown areas: Binghamton, Endicott, and Johnson City.

"We get one chance to make a first impression," says Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie, "And this is gonna help us make a better first impression with all those families that might be coming here and the ones that are already here that we want to keep."

It still has to be determined how that money will be divvied up, where it will go, and when. All those decisions will stay local.

"We know what's best for our communities, our areas. Albany doesn't know what's best for us," says Deemie.

This announcement comes after the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council asked the state for more money to help revitalization efforts.

The state is now accepting proposals for how the money will be spent.