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Bounce-back Fundraiser for the Southern Tier Homeless Coalition

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Frosty Joe's in Binghamton held a fundraiser to help support the Southern Tier Homeless Coalition after a robbery on May 31, 2017. 

"In May we were broken into by an individual, and we received quite a bit of damage. Within a week the New York State Police was able to find and apprehend the individual responsible. Come to find out he was homeless and kind of drifting," said Jeff Decosse, Owner of Frosty Joe's. 

In response, Decosse decided to hold a fundraiser to help prevent other people from being in the same situation as the homeless man. 

"We were closed for six hours but we bounced-back and came back stronger than ever," said Decosse. 

Hundreds of people came by the ice cream shop Sunday afternoon, many of which dropped off items and monetary donations. Saucy Hog BBQ was also selling chicken and pulled pork for those who wanted to stay and enjoy some of the live entertainment. 

In 2016, 1,726 people experience homelessness in the Southern Tier. Rebecca Rathmell, C.O.C Coordinator with the Southern Tier coalition says it's not a number that too many people suspect. 

"451 of those 1,726 are people in families. There was 141 families, so a lot of kids and single moms that we're seeing come through homelessness assistance services. So a fundraiser like this not only brings the community together and builds awareness, but it sends some much needed funds back to the work that we do," said Rathmell.

Southern Tier Homeless Coalition encompasses all of the local homeless assistance services providers locally and they're always looking for donations.