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Traffic, Safety Concerns Raised Over Rezoning Former Hillcrest Depot Site

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At a Town of Fenton planning board meeting Tuesday night, residents raised more concerns about what impact rezoning a property for industrial use will have on their neighborhoods.

The property's owner, Carrier Services Group, wants the town board to rezone the portion of the old DOD Hillcrest Depot site on Hoyt Avenue from residential to lite-industrial.

Carrier is also seeking a parking variance from the town's zoning board of appeals. That vote was held over at its June 20th meeting pending a decision on zoning.

Home owners and the Chenango Valley School District are worried about possible traffic and safety issues. 

"The changing of one spot for one person is not what they're doing. They're OK-ing changing the zone for, whatever the company is, all the area around there. It takes out of our hands, what goes in there," said Velieda Ford, Fenton resident.

According to the Town of Fenton Board, no decision can be made over re-zoning without consent from Broome County, but locals still feel that their voices have to be heard before a decision, like the NG compressor station, directly impacts taxpayers.

"I'm here tonight to learn more about the process that you've gone through at this point, to understand better what the board's position is currently. We believe the use that is being contemplated by our client has the right use in a limited-industrial zone," said Nick Cortez for Carrier Service Group.