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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney Holds Meetings With Her Constituents

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) held a set of one-on-one and group meetings with constituents at her Binghamton Office on Saturday afternoon.

The meetings called, Coffee With Claudia, allowed for residents of the 22nd District to sign up for a ten-minute slot to express their concerns with their Representative or ask questions.

"These small meetings will provide our office with the opportunity to speak directly with constituents to address their concerns immediately," said Tenney.

Tenney says her office has responded to over 45,948 messages, answered 10,321 phone calls, and introduced 5 pieces of legislation over her first six months.

"Our office has remained transparent, accessible, and responsive,” said Tenney.

It was a different scene outside of her office at the Metro Center.

"This is not the Town Halls she's been promising for many months," said Matt Wahila, Indivisible Binghamton Member.

Groups of people, led by Citizen Action and Indivisible Binghamton marched and protested outside Tenney's office while her meetings were taking place.

"Hopefully she sees us and hears us through the windows," said Wahila.

He says the group was protesting against her vote for the American Healthcare Act and for refusing to be accessible.

"It's horrible what she's voted for and against, and it's not in the best interest of her constituents," said Wahila. 

Wahila and the rest of the protesters want to encourage other people to have their voices heard.

"Talk to people, understand what's going on in Washington, and make sure your voice is heard because our Representatives aren't hearing our voices," said Wahila.