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Rod Serling Honored as the Twilight Zone Comes Home

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The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation celebrated the legacy of the Twilight Zone's creator with an event at the Broome County Forum Theatre on Saturday.

Rod Serling, a lifelong Binghamton resident, is most famous for writing the Twilight Zone, a Carol for Another Christmas, and Night Gallery.

"We try to promote his entire legacy, not just the Twilight Zone but tonight it is about the Twilight Zone," said Nicholas Parisi, Rod Serling Memorial Foundation Board Member.

Part of the day's events included book signings, appearances by Serling's daughters Anne and Jodi, the local premiere of the documentary "The Carousel," a performance of the play "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone," and a screening of three episodes on a big screen.

"The simple answer is that it was good," said Parisi. "The Twilight Zone was well written, well directed, well acted and it's a first class production and quality does stand the test of time."

Parisi says more than 200 people from all across the County and even Canada showed up to the event.

Organizers are hoping to make this an annual event and say the next major gathering on their calendar is the show's 60 year anniversary in October 2019.

"His stories may be set in the future but they were about things that we can all relate to and will be able to relate to 100 years from now," said Parisi.