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Owego Honors Local Suffragist

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A permanent reminder of Owego's ties to women's suffrage, a New York State historic marker was unveiled on Friday outside the home of Susan B Anthony's personal secretary.

The New York State historic marker was a longtime coming for Tioga County historian Emma Sedore, who hopes the sign acts as inspiration for women of today.

When they see what this woman did and what other women did in the 19th century, they're liable to say, 'hey, that was then, let's do something more!'

— Emma Sedore, Tioga County Historian

The little white house on Front Street in the village was home to Elizabeth Chatfield, who left the small town for the big city. Once in New York, Chatfield worked at Anthony's suffrage newspaper, "The Revolution." Chatfield was Anthony's right hand woman, delivering important documents for the suffrage movement. Anthony even stayed at the home on 18 Front Street when she came to speak at the courthouse in 1894.

Chatfield is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Owego. She would never get the chance to vote, since she died 7 months before the vote was won in New York State, and 9 months before the first women voted in Owego.

The historic marker is part of a series of commemorative events and initiatives celebrating the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in New York State.