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West Windsor Fundraiser Helps Girl to Stand

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Saturday, Windsor residents met at the West Windsor Fire Station to help support a 7-year-old girl's fight to regain the use of her legs. 

Over thousands of locals came out to the "Step Up for Mylee" barbeque dinner and pig roast to raise money for Myleanna Siedlecky, who was involved in a riding mower accident that resulted in her left leg's amputation.

"It's heartwarming and it makes me so proud to live in this community," said Rhea Deyo, Event Coordinator.

Basket raffles, bake sales and jewelry auctions helped raise money for Mylee, which will be used towards her medical expenses, home modifications for her wheelchair and prosthetic accessibility. Giving her another chance to stand on her own.

Each year over 800 children are ran over by a riding mower or small tractor. Mylee Siedlecky was one of the lucky ones, to survive the accident.

Specially created jewelry could be found at the fundraiser, called Mylee's Designs. According to event volunteers, Cunnigham Jewelers heard about Mylee's fight and decided to offer their services. They allowed her to create her own line of necklaces and pendants, with proceeds from the sales going back to Mylee's family.

"She came up with all these designs on her own," said Karen Ferguson, Volunteer.

Aside from Cunnigham Jewelers, multiple local business lent their support for the young girl by donating hundreds of products for sale. Proving that no one has to fight alone.

"We've had an outpouring of businesses. Thank you for your support," John Siedlecky, Grandfather.