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The Old Union Hotel Buys Chunk Of Clinton Street

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The Old Union Hotel in Binghamton has bought a long stretch of Clinton Street to develop into a parking lot. The land is just on the other side of Colfax Ave and includes an abandoned house and the old Cleveland Flower Company warehouse. 

"Parking has been an issue here, so when that land came up for sale we jumped on it," says owner Andy Kipp.

The house will be knocked down and the lot put in as soon as possible.

"A lot of it too is this house is kind of run down and trying to clean up blight in the city," says Kipp, "We love this neighborhood and we love this community, so we do all we can."

Kipp says he is just waiting for the demolition company to be available, but in the meantime, guests can feel free to park in the warehouse parking lot.