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County Executives Promote Broome County Dog Shelter

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If you're looking to adopt a dog, you may want to check out the newly renovated Broome County Dog Shelter.

Broome County Executive, Jason Garnar along with representatives from the shelter spoke about some upgrades to the building including news walls, floors and windows-- just in time to show off some of the dogs ready to be adopted. 

Kelly Conlon, Manager, Broome County Dog Shelter said, "If anybody's in the market to adopt a dog, obviously come all over we've got dogs of all shapes and sizes here from Great Danes to little Yorkies"

The Broome County Dog Shelter will be holding its 6th annual open house on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For more info on dog adoption you can visit: http://www.gobroomecounty.com/shelter/