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Spotlight in Sports: Greater Binghamton Disc Golf

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Local Pro, Troy Widden. Local Pro, Troy Widden.

Greater Binghamton Disc Golf started out as a Facebook group that was created to help people in the Southern Tier get together and play Disc Golf.

Soon after the establishment of the club, a league formed and has began to grow throughout Greater Binghamton.

The sport is a combination of Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, where players play through 18 holes and try to get their discs in the chained bucket in as few shots as possible.

"I have a bag with about 20 discs I use for a round, you can get one putter and come out and play. Most, 99 percent of the places, it's free to come out and play, said Troy Widden, a local Disc Golf professional."

Yes, there are professional Disc Golf players! Troy, a local pro, said he got started as just like any other player, until 2014 when he was sponsored by Dynamic Discs, a company out of Kansas.

"The top players in the world can throw upwards of five, six, even seven hundred feet. So, almost two football fields, said Widden."

Anyone can participate in the sport, the Greater Binghamton club ranges from teenagers to players in their sixties. The club also has a strong connection to Binghamton University, where they hold their league games.

"I think over time we're going to try and get a campus club going and try to have a Binghamton University team. That's probably a couple years away, but I think the sport is growing enough that we will be able to make that happen in a few years, said George Meindl, a BU Assistant Professor."

To find out more about the Greater Binghamton Disc Golf Club, visit their website right here.