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Johnson City Police Department Demonstrates New Body Cameras

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The Johnson City Police Department showcased their new body cameras Friday for a demonstration.

The $50,000 public protection grant secured by New York State Senator Akshar made it possible for the department to purchase 25 new body cameras and five new patrol car computers. 
Johnson City police demonstrated how the equipment is being used in the field for to Akshar and Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie.

Deemie said that he was on board since day one to help the department with whatever they needed to get the job done. The mayor has worked closely with the chief of police to make that possible. 

"These body cameras will go a long ways to help building trust with our residents so that we can better serve our community," said Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge.

Dodge said that they have been using the cameras and the new computers for a few weeks now, and that they are working to fix the barrier of trust issues within the community. The new equipment aims to increase transparency, efficiency, and accountability for the department. 

"We are not going to get the cooperation and assistance from the public if they don't trust us," said Dodge.

The high definition cameras start recording once the officer using it turns it on, and the video is uploaded to the server right after the camera is plugged into the charging station. Dodge said the body cameras and patrol car computers are already being used in the field.