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Spotlight In Sports: Jim Alexander

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Jim Alexander - Fox 40's Spotlight in Sports Jim Alexander - Fox 40's Spotlight in Sports

Fox 40's Spotlight in Sports will feature the athletes & individuals that may not always get recognition for their athletic accomplishments. An individual that encompasses characteristics of Fox 40's Spotlight in Sports Award are unique and out of the norm.

There are no limitations to age for this award, it could range from 3 to 103. Fox 40 wants to make sure that every local athlete has an opportunity for their story to be told. These individuals deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments, because we all have a story.

Our first athlete to be honored with the Spotlight is Jim Alexander, a 91 year old man who is an active pickleball player at the Endicott Boys and Girls Club. Jim was an athlete his whole life, as an avid biker, skiier and so much more. Now, in order to stay in shape and stay active, Jim says to "use it or lose it," recognizing his age.

Jim is not only a great athlete, but an individual who exemplifies strong character, passion for life and encompasses a unique story. Among all of these qualities, Jim's fun personality makes him our first ever Spotlight in Sports.

Maybe you want to join Jim in checking out the sport of pickleball, in which case you can find out more right here.