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Binghamton Students Jump Rope for Heart on Valentine's Day

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What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than raising awareness and funds towards heart health?

On Tuesday, students at Binghamton's Calvin Coolidge Elementary took part in the school's annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

Students learned how activities such as jump roping can help to keep their hearts healthier. The event also raises money towards the American Heart Association -- to help those facing cardiac risks.

"This year it just so happens that Valentine's Day worked out to be the perfect day for it. I think because everybody's celebrating love and the heart -- you can express your compassion and give from your heart to help others whose hearts are not healthy," said Adana Brauer, Physical Education teacher at Calvin Coolidge Elementary.

Brauer said since the school began taking part in this event in its 2001 school year -- it has raised over $53,000. She said this year's goal is to raise $3,700.